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If you have any specific questions then feel free to email us.

Your starting point is to ensure that your unique email address has already been entered in the database. If you are a Club Secretary then send an email to the Royal Club via the Contact Us page.

If you are a member of a club then contact your Club Secretary who will ensure your email address is added to the database.

Once your email address has been added you need to be allocated a password, this is done by selecting the 'New Password' link and then entering your email address. Once you receive a new password by email you can then log into the system.

The web site can be accessed securely using though depending on your security level on your browser you may have to manually add an exception to load the security certificate (the certificate has been self-signed for the web site and works as normal). At the moment there is a pop-up only found on Internet Explorer, just press OK to accept.

Q. I am having trouble logging in, what do I do
A. If you are having trouble with logging in and you get the 'invalid login' message check that you are using the password you have chosen, use the latest password sent to you, check that the Caps-Lock key is not on, if necessary request a new password and you will receive one automatically.

Q. I am a Club Secretary and one of our members has stopped curling, and I wish to remove him from the database.
A. Login as Club Admin, Select "Edit", Select "View" against members name, Select "Delete This Member" on right hand menu then 'Agree to the deletion'. If they are an Multi Member then you have to use the 'Remove Multi Member' option so they are left in their Mother Club. Note that you cannot delete or remove a member if they are a member of another club, in this case you should use the transfer facility to make the other club his Mother Club.

Q. I am trying to use the secure page '' but it comes up with a pop-up message
A. Should Internet Explorer show a blank pop-up, just select OK. To be sure that you are connected securely you should see a yellow closed padlock on the status bar. You can get more information regarding the security by double-clicking on the secure padlock.

Q. I have been made Database Administrator, what do I do next
A. When you log into the system on the top right hand side you will see the following:


  • My Details
    • Edit
    • Summary
    • Email Members

You should click on 'Edit' to go into the club and amend the club details and member details. 'Summary' provides a useful list of contacts for your club.

Q. I have added the email address and ticked the Database Admin Box for one of my club members, what next ?
A. You should then click the 'Send Password Reminder' so that the system will automatically send the person an email with a new randomly generated password (this will allow them to logon).

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